DTB Authoring Software Systems

Last updated: February 27, 2014


The table below describes whether a DTB authoring system…

  • provides support for the inclusion of images, scalable vector graphics (SVG) or MathML;
  • accommodates descriptions for images, SVGs or MathML.

A field containing a dash does not necessarily indicate that a feature is unsupported, but that more research is required to make a determination.

For more information about metadata and image descriptions, read DIAGRAM’s Potential Use of Image Description Metadata for Accessibility and the follow-up addendum, Alternatives, Content Model, New Tools, Dependencies and Updates. Also, read the results of the 2012 DIAGRAM Reading Technology Survey to learn how people who are blind and visually impaired obtain and access reading material.

Name, cost OS Import formats Export formats Image support Include short image descriptions Include long image descriptions Include MathML Include or describe SVG Misc.
Book Wizard Producer, $ Windows HTML, WAV, MP3, DTBook, NIMAS DAISY 3 Yes Yes, via alt No No No
  • Creates audio-only, text-only or text+audio DTBs.
  • Retains alt during import of source files.
  • Records alt during TTS conversion; also makes alt visible in text.
Dolphin EasyConverter 6.02, $ Windows Word, TXT, HTML, EPUB, PDF, NIMAS, others DAISY 3, 2.02; TXT, BRL, others Yes Yes, via alt No No No
Dolphin Publisher 3.03, $ Windows Word, TXT, HTML, NIMAS, existing DTBs DAISY 3, 2.02; EPUB 3 (soon) Yes Yes, via alt No No No
DAISY Pipeline 20111215, free Windows, OS X DAISY 3, 2.02; DTBook DAISY 3, 2.02 Yes Yes No Yes No
Obi 3.0.1, free Windows WAV; XHTML DAISY 3, 2.02; audio and NCX-only DTBs; exports mp3. No No No No No
odt2daisy 2.1, free Windows/Mac ODT DAISY 3 Yes Yes, via alt No Yes Yes
  • Extension to OpenOffice 3.0+.
PlexTalk PRS Pro Windows DAISY 2.x; TXT DAISY 2.02; structured audio only No Yes, via alt No No No
  • Structured audio books only; no support for full DAISY books.
  • Bundled with PTR1 and PTR2.
Poet, free Windows/Mac All DAISY formats All DAISY formats Yes No Yes, via prodnote No No
  • Tool for adding descriptions to existing DAISY books
  • Can be used online or downloaded for off-line use
  • Can be integrated into other authoring tools or workflows for custom use
Save As DAISY/MSWord Add-In, free Windows Word/Office Open XML (DOCX) DTBook XML; full DAISY DTB Yes, via alt Yes, via longdesc Yes No
Studio Recorder, $ Windows WAV, MP3 DAISY 3 No n/a n/a n/a n/a
Tobi, free Windows Obi projects; DAISY 3; DTBook; Save-as-Daisy files from Word or OpenOffice; EPUB 3; WAV; MP3 DAISY 3, EPUB 3 Yes Yes, using elements defined in the DIAGRAM Content Model, also via alt Yes, using elements defined in the DIAGRAM Content Model, also via prodnote Yes Yes
  • Synchronizes text with recorded narration
  • Also creates and synchronizes TTS audio
  • Implements the DIAGRAM Content Model to provide various forms of image descriptions or alternatives

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