Poet Image Description Tool

Developed by The DIAGRAM Center, the Poet image description tool is an open-source, web-based tool for creating image descriptions for images in existing DAISY books. With Poet, it is possible to crowd source the creation of image descriptions, which can reduce both the cost for content creators and delivery time for end-users.

Easy, Intuitive User Interface

Using Poet is easy. Take any DAISY 3 book file and upload it to Poet. Then, follow simple steps to write a description for each image. The descriptions will then be available to assistive technology for voicing whenever the next reader downloads the file. We have step by step instructions for using Poet as well as image description guidelines for you to follow. See this two-minute introductory video that shows you just how easy Poet is to use.

Special Features

  • Description Wizard – in-context help with writing descriptions. The wizard is available from a drop-down menu in Poet and provides guidance for common types of complex images such as flow charts and Venn diagrams. Ten common image types following the NCAM guidelines are provided. For each one, you will see an example, description guidelines, and even a template (if it applies).
  • Image Coverage Checker (click here for this stand-alone tool) – generates a report that lets you know how many images in a given file already have descriptions. This is a great tool for quick assessment of much time might be required to provide image descriptions in a given book. This free web-based tool can be used on any DAISY 3 file, and you need not be logged in to Poet to use it.

Future Development

Coming soon! Upload your EPUB 3 files to Poet in addition to DAISY files.

Obtaining the Open Source Code for Poet

If you want to obtain or contribute to the open source Poet code, or set up your own instance of Poet, go to the Benetech GitHub repository for Image Description Service.  You can view the source, submit issues or comments, and/or make your own modifications. The Readme section contains licensing information and guidelines for setting the environment variables.  Alternatively, if would like to host your own instance, the code may be downloaded, installed, and managed in your own hosting environment.

Image Description: Helpful Links