What People Are Saying About the DIAGRAM Center…

About our accessible image webinars

  • “One giant leap for accessibility on my campus thanks to the resources that were shared in the DIAGRAM webinar. Thank You!!!”
  • “Timely and significant information.”
  • “Information all parents of kids with special needs should hear.”
  • “Very informative and cutting edge information.  We need more of this.”
  • “I and several of my alt text writers and reviewers attended. It was particularly helpful to get a short overview of the JAWS reader. It adds a perspective that writers don’t often get. Thanks.”
  • “This webinar was excellent!  You covered a great deal of information in a relatively short period of time.  It was well planned and executed. Bryan kept it interesting and moving at a perfect pace. I will highly recommend colleagues to visit your website to see this presentation and I am looking forward to attending future presentations.  Thank you!”
  • “THANK YOU! These are always some of the most informative and helpful webinars that I attend. Today I insisted that a colleague “step-in for a minute” and she stayed for the entire session. Thank you for sharing important accessibility information in such a concise manner. Great session, great presenter, great format! Keep them coming!!!”
  • “Outstanding. …covered many very important areas; the examples were right on the mark and the resources are also very useful.  This is what a webinar should be!  Bravo!”
  • “Thank you! This was very, very helpful to me as I learn about image-description and verbal description for my position as an accessibility reviewer and description writer for assessment items. …Thank you for providing resources and posting the recording of these and other sessions.”

About our accessible math webinars

  • “I’m using it TODAY to get math instructors excited about accessibility resources and creating lab manuals as accessible eBooks!”
  • “For the past 2 years I have been working with alternate media producing e-text and have done some math editing. After attending this webinar I feel I have a better understanding of what tools are available and how to use them appropriately.”
  • “I am newly blind, totally blind…. I went from teaching basic math thru pharmaceutical math as a sighted teacher to tutoring at a math outreach center as a blind volunteer. This seminar has jump started my imagination as I will be tutoring blind children for the first time come September 2013… I am happy to hear that many people are working on math accessibility. It gives me hope. Thank you presenters.”

Comments from our Advisory Board and Working Group members:

  • “Most wonderful collaboration I have ever been a part of.”
  • “Absolutely fantastic gathering of brightest minds in the field.”
  • “Productive for end users and developers alike.”

About our Top Tips for Creating Accessible EPUB 3 Files (adopted by the AAP)

  • “excellent and thorough”
  • “There is nothing overly demanding in the accessibility requirement list and it is good to see it presented succinctly and in a workflow ready list format.”
  • “All in all a great list. Well done AAP for getting an industry spot-light focused on priorities for ePub3 reading systems that match real world content presentation demands right now.”

—  Richard Pipe, Infogrid Pacific, October 31, 2013

Ideas that work.The DIAGRAM Center is a Benetech initiative supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (Cooperative Agreement #H327B100001). Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the position of the U.S. Department of Education.


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