Accessible Image Sample Book

The Accessible Image Sample Book, creAccessible Image Sample Book Cover Imageated by the DIAGRAM Content Working Group, is a free online resource that shows you what some of the many options are for creating accessible versions of digital images such as:

    • maps
    • bar charts
    • diagrams
    • mathematical expressions
    • photographs
    • and more!

Each of the seven chapters in the book shows a different complex image in context of the book it came from, along with helpful tips and the code used to provide the accessible image in a digital book. See (and hear!) the different ways that an image can be made accessible, including:

    • short and long descriptions
    • tactile graphics
    • MathML
    • sonification
    • audio description
    • 3D printing

This resource can be used as a guide when creating accessible images in your own digital books and other digital publications. You can learn more what the book contains by listening to the webinar about the Accessible Image Sample Book presented by its authors.

The book is available to download in both EPUB and HTML formats

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  • If you already have an epub reader installed on your computer, then the book may open right up when you open the files in the GitHub repository. If you don’t already have an epub reader, simply download one of the many free readers (see for example a listing on our e-book software guide) or download an ereader extension to your browser, such as the Firefox ereader extension. After you install the extension, just save the Accessible Image Sample Book file to your hard drive, and then drag it into your browser with the extension installed. It should then open.
  • If you prefer, you can see the book in HTML format

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