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Partner: Touch Graphics, Inc. See DIAGRAM Center Initiative – Presorting Textbook Images for Accessibility Description: The Decision Tree is a tool for choosing which print images need tactiles and which need descriptions. A digital decision tree allows the creation of tools that will expedite the work of making textbooks accessible by allowing non-specialists to make good decisions about which images need what kind of treatment to make them accessible. Evaluation: The tool was found to be a successful method for novices to categorize images, with a 66% average rate of appropriate image treatment choice. Future improvements to the tool’s success will come with better understanding and agreement among experts as to whether certain images need verbal or tactile treatment. How to access: The open-source image sorting tool was built using Lime Survey.  The related survey questions and the xml are freely available. A flow chart is also available (Word version here) that shows how the decision process was captured in the sorting rubric. flow chart

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