Sample 7: Cartoons and Comics

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This image is taken from a Physics textbook.

Image information:

Image number: 218235

Title: Prentice Hall Physical Science Concepts in Action

Author: Michael Wysession, David Frank, Sophia Yancopoulos

Copyright: 2009 by Pearson Education

Page: 427

Making This Image Accessible

This image can be made accessible with an image description. Since comics and cartoons often contain drawings, captions, and dialogue to make a joke, tell a story, or offer an opinion, description is the recommended mode of access. The description should include the setting, the characters, and enough detail to understand the cartoon. Captions and dialogue must be provided as well. As the example description shows, details and language often need to be edited or omitted to match the tone and essence of the comic or cartoon.

Text or Audio Description

A comic strip is entitled Weekly Invention: Labor-Saving Auto Jack. The comic shows a man sitting in a car with an elephant on the roof and a cannon on the hood pointed backward. A ramp slants from the roof of the car down to a platform near the trunk. The platform is connected to a mechanical hand that grips the rear bumper. The instructions read: When rear tire goes flat, the driver pulls string and fires peanut from cannon. Elephant sees peanut as it lands on platform. The elephant walks down ramp toward the peanut on the platform and his weight causes the mechanical hand to jack up the back of the car! P.S. If you get a puncture in front tire, call a cab.


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