The idea for this accessible image sample book was conceived by George Kerscher during the DIAGRAM Center’s goal-setting retreat at Asilomar Conference Center in California on August 10, 2012. We would like to acknowledge the extremely generous contributions of time and expertise from all the members of the DIAGRAM Content Working Group that made this sample book possible.

Our special thanks go to Working Group co-chairs Elaine Ober and Lucia Hasty, who led the charge and worked tirelessly to bring this work to fruition. Bryan Gould, Steve Noble, Elaine Ober, Lucia Hasty, Dave Gunn, Geoff Freed, Jim Allan, Gustav Knape, Dave Schleppenbach, and Ting Siu have our undying thanks for supplying image descriptions, tactile image files, invaluable advice, and much of the text you find in this book. Suzy Haines produced the digital book itself and provided both the code examples and underlying code, with the gracious input of Matt Garrish.

Special thanks also go to Benetech staff Julie Noblitt and Kristina Pappas, who provided project management support. Without their generous contributions of time and expertise, this resource would not exist.

Finally, no thanks is complete without acknowledging the leadership and vision of Anh Bui and Betsy Beaumon, who lead the charge in helping to ensure that all content born digital is also born accessible.

Content Working Group Members